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My original 205 GTI 16 valve converted in 1998, It was a rare beast and did a standing quarter in 15.0 sec flat. Eventually gave in to rust when the rear quarter started flapping as the door was shut - not good with nearly 200 bhp per ton.

My T16 kitted car, and one of the oldest I’ve had, 16 valve converted it for a friend, who had it for 4 weeks before putting it through a 30 mph sign at about 70 half way up the sign.

The 205 Trio plus - plus 8 valves, bought from a car breakers on good Friday, converted to mi16 engine  on sat and raced at York drag strip on Easter Sunday, eventually received a 16 valve engine in the rear courtesy of my first 16 valve pug. Yup one in the front and one in the rear, never had the cash to finish it but the shell still remains with GTI suspension and sub-frame in the rear. Even still has an MI16 wiring loom in it.

The first quick car I built, 16 valve red top Astra GTE Raced at Santa Pod, was running third in class in 1998 with 240 BHP, before I turned to the french side.  I believe the engine still runs today, and I built it every nut and bolt of that engine. Shell long since rotten but is still tucked up in the garage as I can’t move it - no suspension or wheels.

Probably doesn’t deserve to be in “rust in pieces”, but a project very stalled (5 years), Carlton GSI 3500 - rover V8 powered with manual gearbox 4 barrel downdraft carb.