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2 x 205 GTI Turbo Techincs, both plated, and converted from new, both with Garret T28 turbos, 1 with Dimma 16” wheels and 265 ft.lbs Torque.


Currently no pics of the 59K 205 Gti Turbo as it is wrapped up in my garage after the compressor packed in painting it - 4 years ago.

205 GTI 16 Valve, heavily ported head cammed up, Mikuni Carbs, set up by Bogg Bros with Megajolt Mapable Ignition. Click here to see the Megajolt install.

Astra MK3 GSI Van - always wanted one, so it’s just happily sitting waiting for it’s turn. Already has the 2 litre 16 valve engine fitted and running.

205 GTI MI16 Bike Carbs

Been asked to finish the install of a 205 MI16 (2 litre) on Honda Blackbird Carbs with Megajolt ignition