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205 GTI MI16 H510HLU I took this on the tour of mull rally - as a spectator, the hardest driving I’ve done, 1200 miles 4 days, racing around single track roads inches from the sea.  Sold via Ebay.

My 205 GTI turbo, needs the block replacing after cracking just waiting to get the MI16 shipped back to my garage.

Yes it’s not real - but not a bad copy, I had to drive this for a while while at Uni selling it!

Messy engine bay will be much refined when the engine get’s redone, have a twin injector throttle body for it too.

The car we’ve all owned - at some point, god know where it is now - has been on the cover of REVS.

Another 16 valve GTI who knows where it is now - sold and built for a mate from a car with genuine 40k on the clock.

Where it all began - the first GTI I had on the road, only a 1.6 but responsible for so much.

Current MI16 project, with Megajolt just having the head gasket replaced - should be done soon........

Funnily enough one of my first cars was a GSI 3000 Carlton when I was 19, sold to a mate who asked for a V8, situations change and so it remains very half done.

The first Jap car I raced, excellent sleeper, 167 BHP standard and capable of a 15.0 sec quarter, quicker than my Civic Type-R - well this was stripped out, and I don’t fancy stripping out my Type-R.

Yes it’s a Saxo - I drove my 1.2 Clio 400 miles on Friday to fix this, head gasket gone as used to belong to my sister, fixed it on Sat only just had it ticking over as the guy came to pick up my Clio, wrong parts supplied, then drove 400 miles in the early hours on Sunday morning faultlessly.

Taken 12 years ago, my first slightly sport cars, including a full cossie whaletail on the red Astra.

I found an old pic of my GTE 16 Valve on 45’s, and thought I’d best find somewhere to put it, below the patriotic engine, and to the right, me giving it plenty at York Drag strip. Everyone always asked “Why do you have different wheel front to back?” same answer everytime, “Touring car technology, reduces drag across the back end!” The truth - they were the wrong offset and wouldn’t fit in the back, so the other two spokey wheels were my bedside table!

Current “Grown up” wheels, my Civic Type-R, not as quick over the quarter as you’d think, but a great car.  No, I’ve not fiddled with it yet.

Old faithful - my 1.8 CL Golf bought via ebay for the bargain cost of £142 and barely cost e a thing for two years, why did I sell it!

Oh yeah - I sold it as I got made redundant and bought this Gti 16V Golf, no honestly, why did I sell this???!!! Apart from rising fuel costs and a bloody annoying ABS light!