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Welcome to my site - I’ve been skirting around the web and web sites for a few years, and bought this a long time ago, it has since lapsed so I though what the ...........  It’s about time I got my own piece of the net.


I’ve enjoyed working with cars since I started driving at 16, no not on the road, but I was luck enough to live on a farm and get to grips with it before hitting the road, in a MK2 escort - rear wheel drive fun!  It collapsed not long after I got it - put it this way I quickly worked out why performance cars have a strut brace across the top of the engine bay, as I managed to fold the inner wings in.


Learning to drive put a whole new slant on my life that I changed what I wanted to do and went from being an environmental scientist yawn, to studying the automotive industry, this all started in 1996 when I went to university first time around. I didn’t get very good A-levels so a HND it was for me, after completing that and a year off I went to Oxford Brookes and studied Automotive Engineering in 1999. After 3 years of that and building countless 16 valve 205 Gti’s on the way, I found myself job hunting - not very successful but it gave me the time to indulge in tweaking and modifying cars, just a shame I had no money to do it with....................


Now I’m nearly grown up approaching 30, have a family, a  house and a proper job as a Technical Author in the Automotive Industry, I am just starting to get a little bit of time back to indulge, and my little girl of 4 loves working on my car with me, she takes engines out and everything.


These pages are an ode to my long suffering family and friends, we’ve all grown up a bit but the passion for racing still burns inside! You know who you are Dazza, Rhino, Albert, and Swalo - put yer moped down!  We’ve done some racing been on TV and had a few pics in the motoring press.


I’m now discovering the world of mapable ecu’s Megajolt, Megasquirt,  are the name at the mo,

I do like it and all my ongoing projects will be duly equipped with it.


I would love to get my own rolling road and open it for public testing and mapping,

would there be enough interest..................?


That’s me on the far right as you look at it, this photo was taken the day before one of our regular

Trips to York International Raceway, where we had 3 16 valve 205’s and the Astra 16 Valve racing.

Big Dave
Me - Adam